“Maximize your style and protect your eyes at affordable prices.”

We’ve been searching for quality, rockstar-built sunglasses for the longest time. But, we always encountered a dilemma. You could hardly get good quality, cool looks and affordable prices in one sunglass. Most sunglasses with a tough build and rockstar look cost a fortune.

For sunglasses lovers, finding the right glasses that offer excellent protection, look cool and do not burn a hole in the pocket is, sometimes, a bigger challenge than deciding what clothes to wear.

Now, what if you could get the perfect sunglasses to make you look stylish, give you confidence, and raise your cool factor through the roof? Awesome yeah?

That’s what we thought, too, and that’s what Montilio is all about. 

“Transform every look to perfection with astonishing sunglasses.”

Montilio designs sunglasses for the young, classic and wild spirit of youth. We combine impeccable craftsmanship, distinct detailing and thoughtful processes into every frame and lens to produce rugged, slick, timeless glasses that delight every wearer.

Our sunglasses project your personality in the best way and offer comfort in your best element as you journey from field to beach and street to red carpets.

Montilio helps you find your innermost confidence in the most natural way with frames made to fit your face and budget.

We experiment with boundless creativity so that every piece gives a unique cool that redefines sunglasses. 

Our glasses are framed from acetate, and our lenses are made from CR39, polycarbonate and polarized. This means you enjoy lightweight, scratch-resistant and sturdily-built glasses with UVA and UVB protection that enhance your clarity without compromising comfort. Just how good does it get?

 Why Acetate Frames?

Acetate is a plant-based product. Hence, it is eco-friendly and safe to use. In addition, acetate is so lightweight that the only reason you will notice that you’ve had your glasses on is the wonderful compliments you will keep getting from everybody.

Moreover, acetate frames are flexible, which means they’ll give a snug fit, and can be carried around without worries.

Why CR-39, Polycarbonate and Polarized Lenses?

Columbian resin CR-390 takes all the good qualities of glass without its propensity for shattering. It takes in light in a way that provides ultimate comfort, clear vision and protected coverage.

For us, sunglasses are not just an accessory to complement our dresses and compliment our looks. They are an extension and expression of our personality.

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