Most people focus on which frame will be fit for them, and obviously, they are right. However, lenses are a very crucial part of your sunglasses. Frames are much bigger and more stylish than a simple pair of lenses. But what if we were to tell you that you can choose wisely the both of them?

Your lenses are the key to your eye health, vision, and overall comfort while wearing your sunglasses.
CR-39 lens is an abbreviation for "Columbia Resin #39". Developed in 1940, this resin revolutionized the sunglasses industry because it mimics the quality of glass without the downside. Lighter than glass but far less likely to shatter, CR-39 lenses offer the best of both worlds.
CR-39 lenses are a lot better at taking in light, which is key to maintaining good eye health.
The lenses have an optical quality that is nearly as good as glass. CR-39 is heated and poured into optical quality glass molds – adapting the qualities of glass very closely.

After we conceive the importance of choosing the right lenses, we should focus on the merits acetate frame.

Acetate is a plant-based material created from welded layers of cellulose. Acetate is a plastic derived from wood pulp. Since acetate is plant-based, it’s environment-friendly and renewable.

The material’s strength, durability, and weight set acetate eyewear and acetate frames apart from frames made of alternative plastics or other materials. 

The acetate creation is taking longer since it involves fusing multiple sheets. As long as the process is lengthier, the product quality is higher.

Eco-friendly & Renewable. Acetate is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional plastics made from petroleum. Acetate frames are created with cellulose, a material found in plants; thus, these glasses frames are formed from renewable and natural sources.

Lightweight and comfortable. As your glasses are resting on your face for most of the day, the frames should be comfortable. Luckily, acetate is lightweight, so it is one of the best materials to use for frames. You might not even realize you are wearing eyeglasses most of the time when you are wearing acetate frames.

Long-lasting. Many conventional sunglasses frames are vulnerable to breakage, but acetate sunglasses frames are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Flexible. Acetate is a very flexible material, which helps your acetate sunglasses and eyeglasses frames last longer. The flexibility of acetate glasses allows them to mold to your face for maximum comfort.



November 30, 2022 — montilio group