What Are the Advantages of Polaroid Lenses?

While most people have heard that Polaroid lenses are better for your eyes, the benefits are best understood only by few professionals and are thought to be too expensive for most. But the good news is that today, purchasing Polaroid sunglasses that protect your eyes does not have to be that much more expensive than buying regular shades.

What's the difference?

While regular sunglasses improve your vision on a bright day, sunglasses with Polaroid lenses protect your eyes by also screening useless light that bounces off various objects.

This not only improves your immediate vision, allowing you to see better and with no glare, but significantly reduces the UV radiation that can cause damage to your eyeball and the delicate skin around it, as well as radiation-related diseases.

What Is Useless Light?

Our ability to see is thanks to a unique type of photo-sensitive cells which react to light and set into motion a complicated set of calculations that our brains do regularly.

Mechanically, light travels in three-dimensional space, bounces off the surface of an object and moves towards our eyes, activating our receptors and our vision process. While vertical light contains the information that our receptors need to create a quality image for us, horizontal light only creates noise and glare. Polaroid lenses are created in a way that allows the blocking of horizontal light, leaving our eyes much more relaxed.

A Very Good Protection from UV Radiation

UV radiation has devastating effects on the human body and high exposure can (and often does) lead to cancer or other diseases inside our cells. Because our eyes use light which carries UV radiation in order for us to see, they are highly sensitive to it, as is the thin skin around it.

Polaroid lenses protect your eyeball and the skin surrounding your eye 100% from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Reduces Eye Fatigue

As said, at the back of each of our eyeballs are special receptors which react to light. The more they work, and especially when they get overworked, the worse our eyesight gets. While we have no need in overworking our receptors, highly bright daylight causes them to work too hard and our eye feels tired. By screening useless light waves, Polaroid lenses allow you to have perfect vision without overworking your eyes even on very bright lighting conditions. Furthermore, Polaroid lenses eliminate the glare that reflects off flat surfaces, making them the ideal for driving and various sporting activities.

October 21, 2022 — montilio group