Glass Lenses

Most people don’t understand just how important the lenses of their sunglasses are for their eyes' health and functionality. While cheap shades only offer a small darkening effect, quality lenses will protect your eye from harmful UV radiation and bright light waves - while providing you with perfect vision in bright environments.

The Importance of Quality Glass Lenses

Since cheap quality glass lenses can hurt your vision, it is important to make sure your sunglasses are constructed with quality glass lenses only. Purchasing sunglasses with glass lenses.

Furthermore, quality lenses reduce or even eliminate glare effects that could be very interrupting and dangerous while driving or participating in various sporting activities.

At Victoria Michael, quality lenses are used in many stylish, designed sunglasses models - and come with a guarantee for the lenses' quality and a warranty for the sunglasses as a whole.

Are Glass Lenses Right for You?

Choosing the right lenses will allow you to enjoy and take full advantage of all the eye protection options that the modern world has to offer.

Glass lenses have many advantages including the following:

Durability in Extreme Temperatures

Glass lenses are almost completely unaffected by high temperatures and they don’t lose their shape or any of the protection they provide for your eyes due to prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. This makes glass lenses perfect for people who like leaving sunglasses in the car or wear sunglasses in hot places.

Does Not Scratch

In comparison to the alternatives, glass lenses are extremely difficult to scratch and do not require you to apply a special anti-scratch coating like other types of lenses do. Those of us who are used to putting their sunglasses on tables will enjoy the highly scratch resistance glass lenses.

Clarity of Sight

While lenses which are made from non-glass materials can distort and cloud your vision, glass lenses offer the highest optical quality. For travelers and others who seek a clear view, glass lenses are the best choice.

Thinner Lenses

Glass lenses usually have a higher index than plastic made lenses, which makes them thinner. Thinner lenses are much better looking and allow for a variety of designs. Additionally, thinner lenses will, in most cases, be more comfortable.


All of our sunglasses come with the highest quality of lenses and we let you try them for a month. If you don’t like them, we will take them back. Have a look at our collection of amazing sunglasses designs with glass lenses – be surprised because the price is much lower than you thought - and take your pick right now!


October 21, 2022 — montilio group