In a perfect world, we would be able to mix and match everything

we wear – from our socks to our sunglasses.


The biggest obstacle until today in realizing this utopian ideal (unless you are wealthy or a celeb) has been the price-quality relationship in the eyewear department.


Think of it: one can buy hats, scarves, gloves, shoulder bags, belts, ties, socks and jewelry ALL to coordinate with the outfit du jour and ALL of decent quality at reasonable prices. As a result, it is not uncommon for trend-setters to have a delectable selection of accessories.


Because eye contact is one of the most compelling factors in attraction between people, having the right eyewear to convey your identity is more than just a fashion statement…it shapes others´ image of you – like it or not.


The old approach to buying high-quality glasses was primarily based on complementing the shape of your face. Yet this approach entraps you in one "look”…only one expression of what you want to convey about your personality.


There is also the consideration of season: just like we have different moods each day, the weather changes and the degree of eye protection may vary from day to day or at different times of the day. Having the ability to adapt your accessories to the weather is as old as socks and sweaters…so why not for our eyewear?!


So, it makes perfect sense that fashion-forward people – of all ages – want both quality and variety, for day and night eyewear: different shapes, shades, colors, character and, of course, couture!





October 21, 2022 — montilio group